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Club Car Urban Utility Vehicles

With over 60 years of experience in innovation and design acquired by producing small-wheel vehicles, Club Car is a leading manufacturer of gas and electric golf, utility, and personal transportation vehicles.

Founded in 1958, the Club Car product portfolio has grown to include much more than golf cars, now encompassing vehicles for commercial and consumer markets, built with an uncompromised desire for superior performance. As an industry leader in electrification and sustainability, Club Car is proud to be at the forefront of environmentally responsible Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) technologies.

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Innovation in Movement

With an eye ever-turned to innovation in movement, Club Car has sought to become a global leader in the spaces it operates in, strategically partnering with and merging with other leaders in the golf car, commercial utility, and personal-use transportation spaces.

To this end, Club Car welcomed Garia Utility into its family of companies in 2022. Initially founded in 2005, Garia introduced a paradigm shift for golf and leisure vehicles by producing the world's first premium vehicles in their segments, and in 2015 Garia expanded its business with a new division called Garia Utility.

Since its inception, Garia Utility has been one of the leaders in the European compact electric utility vehicle sector. With the merger, Club Car relies upon Garia Utility's expertise in the electric UTV space in Europe to drive its market share, reputation, and design capabilities to usher in new possibilities.

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Superior Performance

Every detail of design, fabrication, and assembly at Club Car is executed with an uncompromised desire for superior performance. Manufacturing quality products is paramount to our employees and has been the driving force behind our company.

"Club Car Urban" is the first vehicle produced by Garia Utility and Club Car together, being the result of new design possibilities brought by Garia, such as Scandinavian craftsmanship and high-quality European components.

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