club car urban n1 1
club car urban icon 100 electric

100% Electric

club car urban icon road legal

Road Legal

club car urban icon low operation cost

Low Operation Cost

club car urban icon crash tested

Crash Tested

club car urban icon zero emissions

No Emission

club car urban icon custom

Custom Configurations

club car urban icon narrow

Narrow Spaces

garia utility icon lithium

Lithium Batteries

Club Car Urban: Driven by excellence,
committed to your safety.

Meet Club Car's new lineup of electric utility vehicles. Efficient, safe and green, Club Car Urban vehicles integrate form and function into eco-friendly, crash-tested vehicles that help you to get the job done. 

Embrace comfort for long days on the road by driving a compact design with agile handling to navigate tight spaces while carrying a payload of up to 1000 kg. 

We pride ourselves in crafting a vehicle that looks as good as it functions. With an ergonomic flow, elegant Danish design, and high-quality European components, Club Car's utility vehicles (previously Garia Utility) are more than workhorses--they're works of art.

Our Utility Vehicles